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Limiting table views


How can we limit the tables/views available to users? We have several Inforeports users we want to migrate to TDA, but we use a “config file” to limit what users see, how is this done in TDA?




We have Toad security in TDA but that is to lock down specific windows or make the tables read only.

We assume that real limiting of tables and views is done by the database administrator.

You can use filters on schemas, tables, views and synonyms. This would limit the viewing of these objects. To build a filter click the cone next to the schema or object. You will get a filter builder. The first tab is the simple filters. You can do more advanced filters on the SQL tab.

When saving the filters with a name you can toggle them from the drop down next to the cone. When a filter is applied you will see the ‘Filter Active’ bar. You and export and import these files. The have a tfp extension.