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TDA 3.0.1 Table Single object Viewer for multiple objects

There seems to be a new behavior with the Viewer option (vs. the 2.7 TDA). I’m not sure if its as-designed or a bug, but i feel the functionality is degraded from the prior rev. If as-designed, is there a way around it?

Currently: TDA will default to using a single Viewer window to view the details of DB objects. I may be inspecting the columns for Table A using the Viewer and then decide I want to View table B as well. As soon as I click on Table B in the object explorer, the Viewer tab will immediately display the details (columns) for Table B. I thought a reasonable work-around would be to right-mouse Table B and choose “View Details”…however, that also will just update the existing Viewer tab (it updates the tab immediately after right-mouse click, which I found a little odd as well).

Previously in 2.7, I could open multiple Viewer… windows for different objects. Clicking on a new object in the explorer would not replace the contents in any currently open Viewer tabs.

I feel this is a step backwards. It makes it harder to view object details for more than 1 object at a time. Is there a workaround? Or is this a bug?

The single viewer option has always been the default. Go to the configuration wizard and try changing the configuration to “Toad for Oracle”. In that layout you will not get a navigation manager but you will be able to open mutliple database browsers.

We are looking at changing this for TDA 3.5 but no promises at this point.


Thanks for the response.

The workaround you provided doesn’t help in cases where I want to use the Viewer for multiple objects within a single connection. And unfortunately the Oracle configuration layout is a bit cumbersome for other reasons vs. the TDA layouts (3.0 and Original).

Are you saying that the capability for multiple Viewer windows was never possible? I could have sworn I did this with version 2.7. I just uninstalled it a couple weeks ago so cannot verify. I installed so long ago that I’m not sure what options I tweaked, but I do believe it was the “Original” configuration layout.

It has never been possible in the default layout.

I have two suggestions:

  1. Even though you uninstalled TDA 2.7 your configuration files will still be around. You can copy in the files to the current data files directory. If you want to do this I would rename your current directory. Create a new one with the same name and copy over the 2.7 files.

  2. You could use the Object details viewer (See the view menu). This is a dockable window that is the exact same right hand tabs as the databrowser that does allow multiple objects. Maybe you were using this instead?