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List index out of bounds (0). during session browser, Current Statement

Start session browser
select session
select current statement tab (top)
select statement (bottom)
select Explain Plan (bottom)

Toad for Oracle has encountered a problem. We are Sorry
List index out of bounds (0).

Can you give a screen shot of the top half of the session browser? I want to see what your session grouping and selection looks like.

I have seen this error in error logs but have been unable to reproduce it. I would very much like to fix this but I have to be able to reproduce it first. Can you make this happen consistently?

Yes I can make this happen consistently

I see you are connected to RAC. Is the session in question on the same instance as you? It should work either way, just trying to figure out how to get the error.

The session browsers has 2 workers. One on inst 1 (sid 881) and another on inst 2 (sid 691). The parallel coordinator is on 2 (sid 5779).

The query to monitor is on 2 (sid 4751).

Once I get this error, i will continue to received on any session I try to monitor with current session. I will need to restart toad, and it may or may not happen. But it happens daily.

Do you think that is the key to reproducing it? Having the workers on different instances like that? I'm not sure offhand why this would matter...just looking for clues.

Does it ever happen on a non-rac database?

Also, once it starts happening, does it happen no matter which session you select?

I don't know. This is the first time I noticed the workers on different instances. I can track that on subsequent errors. I only work on RAC, so I dunno about non-rac.

Does it take a while in the Session Browser for this to start happening or does it sometimes start right away?

Mostly starts right away

Can I get you to zip up and email me your user files folder? I'm wondering if some setting is at play here. Instructions and email address here: Minor GUI Issue with Beta

I can't send that via email
A message you sent was blocked because it contained one or more attachments that are not allowed.

Can you dropbox it?

I suspect where?

I just send you a private message.

that worked. I uploaded

Thanks David. I was able to reproduce the problem immediately with your user files.

I'll have this fixed soon, but if you check the "Fetch details" box at the top then it should stop happening.

great support. I should have opened a ticket on this a while ago. super! thanks.

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