Little problem in background process hint

TOAD SS 6.1 Xpert Edition.

I connect to a DB on a server and open storage management.

After this I go to - objects tab - and wait until TOAD finish to works with background query.

At right bottom there is a red cyrcle that show the progress of the operation. If I go with mouse over this, I obtain the hint of the text of operation/query.

The hint isn't readable. See my screenshot in attach for detail.

I hope to be clear...

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I never see an answer from 7 or more days not only to my question but other questions too…

Is it normal ?

In TOAD SS Beta the last beta was expired at 6 April and today is still present the old beta.

Why do you don’t remove it from download ?

It would be more correct…

I hope to see an answer…

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