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Stop / delete background activity


I'm using toad 14.0.
I noticed that some background activity is executing (green progress bar in lower right corner)


With right click I opened activity list and noticed one select statement... and I have no clue how it ended there.

Question - is there a way to stop selected background activity? I wasn't able to find a way (delete button not working, there is no option on window...)


They should just stop on their own.
Does this happen a lot?
Did you have any error in Toad before this? I have seen sometimes where the background query has some error and then we don't stop the progress indicator, even though the background query is finished. If that is what is happenening, let us know about the error so we can try to reproduce it.


This select statement should finish in a second so I presume that it stayed in background because of some TOAD error... but which one I'm not sure.
Those TOAD errors happen to me few times a day. I think this progress bar is running from yesterday.

I will restart a TOAD now and if this happens again I will try to provide You more information.

After restarting a TOAD I had no more problems.
So, I will close this thread.