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Loading an editor workspace containing split packages corrupts files.

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I’ve got several packages opened in the editor each package was been split into Spec and Body. I am doing a lot of development work on these, but flicking between this work and maintenance work so have saved the workspace. I’ve just realised every package in this workspace has been corrupted everyt time I’ve opened the workspace - (perhaps after switching from maintenance or bug fix workspaces). It has appended a copy of the body to each split. In the simplest terms…

Tab1 = Package1 Spec

Tab2 = Package1 Body.

After Reload (1)

Tab1 = Package1 Spec + Package1 Body

Tab2 = Package1 Body + Package1 Spec + Package1 Body

When I have saved Package1.sql => Package1 Spec + Package1 Body + Package1 Body + Package1 Spec + Package1 Body. Because I have been making modifications without realising this, I have now a mess of corrupted files, in one file alone I found out I had 6 lots of the package all intermingled and at different progresses of work of the file, where I have worked on sections. I’ve had to dissect each package into multiple sections and visually difference and merge and correct the issue. Having had to waste hours sorting out the mess this bug has caused me, I am NOT a happy TOAD user I can tell you!

Another annoyance after loading the workspace it immediately asks me if I want to reload as the timestamp has changed. Perhaps you can fix this issue too?