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Local Temp table for large queries

I am constantly having to run queries for a large list of items and I am unable to find an easy way to do it within toad for oracle. In access if I have a list of > 1000 items I will put it in a local temp table and then run my query off of the table, but I have not found a similar solution yet for oracle/toad for oracle.

I thought I would ask the forums to see if any of you have experience this headache and how you resolved it.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,



So, I did some searching and found this post ( that mentioned creating an external table, but I have a question about that as well. What exactly is an external table? If I create an external table will it be local to my machine? Is it external from the database schema that is selected so, essentially a local table?

Any help is appreciated…

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