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Log Switch Frequency Map Data Retention

I’m posting this again because I don’t see where my first post went to. (Newbie trying to get answers [*-)] )

We have recently migrated our Oracle Enterprise DB from Windows to a Linux server, and from to

I use Toad extensively and noticed that our Log Switch Frequency Map now only retains two months worth of Log Switching history. Before the migration I could look at more than a year’s worth of switching history. How can I increase the mapping history in Toad so I can again see more than a year’s worth of log switching?

Regards, and thanks for your help,

Gary F.

this isn’t controlled by Toad, but by Oracle. Do some googling for V$log_history retention and you should find your answer.

Hi John,

I did that (google search), and I guess I just wasn’t satisfied with the answer I was finding. I found that MAXLOGHISTORY controls the retention of log switches, and that’s controlled at DB creation time. Other than that, it looks like CONTROL_FILE_RECORD_KEEP_TIME may be the culprit.

Not good news as far as I’m concerned.

Thanks for your time,

Gary F.

MAXLOGHISTORY could be changed by recreating the control file, and CONTROL_FILE_RECORD_KEEP_TIME can be adjusted in The Oracle Parameters window under Database -> Administer.

But if you don’t want to adjust either of those settings, just create a job to capture the contents of v$log_history into a table…If you turn on spool sql in Toad, you can see the query that Toad runs to populate the log switch frequency map. you could use that SQL to create a view on your new table.