Logical Model versus Physical Model in TDM, Why FKs do not migrate in LER?


Recently, we have received several questions on logical modeling in Toad Data Modeler:
Should I start with logical model or physical model?
What’s the difference between LER and PER in TDM?
Why Fks in logical model do not migrate to child tables?

Vaclav has written a short article describing the major differences. The document explains, shows some screenshots and offers recommendations on which model to choose.

You can find the article in our weblog at:

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Remember the key difference is that the logical model is database agnostic and meant to show/verify with business users that the correct business reqs have been captured. And business people don’t know or care about FK’s - that’s a technical thing.

If you want to model the business reqs and then build a database for that - then always do logical model first. Think of it this way - logical model makes sure it’s correct (effective) and then physical is the implementation of that model for a specific database (efficient).

If you’re not effective, then efficiency means nothing :slight_smile:

Just a quick note: The document is available in PDF at: