Logical -> Physical, Want To Use Name Not Caption For Attributes


I could not readily find an answer (probably 'cuz I’m not sure where to look or phrase it properly).

I’ve got a nice LM created. Now, I’d like to create the PM to go with it.

When I generate the PM, the Caption is used for the PM’s attributes. This is not the behavior I’d like.

Is there an option somewhere to set the use of the Name attribute instead of the Caption attribute when generating the PM?

I did see a script that copies the Name -> Caption, but that doesn’t work when the PM only contains what was the Caption in the LM. Also, when child entities are generated for the M…M relationships, that mucks up the script (there’s quite a bit more programming to do). Not to mention I don’t want to actually change my Captions on the LM.


Peace, Love, and Light,

/s/ Jon C. Munson II


Brief update: I looked at a freshly generated PM and saw the name/caption had been preserved from the conversion. Changing the script appropriately, I was able to replace the caption with the name.


After just simple experimentation, I found that the SQL generated uses the Name field to generate the columns. Good to know…


I’d like an option to display either attribute names or captions or both (in both LM and PM views)…would be quite useful…


Peace, Love, and Light,

/s/ Jon C. Munson II

Hi Jon,

TDM allows you only to display either logical or physical names of objects on your ERD.

Select View and enable or disable the Show Logical Names option. - This option is available in both LER and PER models.
(Also, see the appropriate icon on the toolbar for this.)