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Loop connections?

Can you provide me a guide or tutorial for the loop connections automatiion activity?

There are a series of tutorials on Automation by Debbie Peabody. A great place to start. One of them will cover loops.…/TDPVideo.html

What version of Toad are you using?

Version 3.3 or higher:

  • Toad Data Point 3.3 - Using the loop dataset in Automation
    Versions prior to 3.3:

  • Toad Data Point 3.2 - Using the loop dataset in Automation

The loop connections activity is different than the loop dataset activity. For the loop connections you basically enter a list of connections (they need to be already defined in your connection list) . This is the parent activity. In the child container place any activities that you want to be performed for each connection. Remember in this case that it is best to not fully qualify your objects in your sql unless you know for sure that all connections have the exact same table names in the exact same database/schema.


select * from DELL. ADDRESS; --this is fully qualified. Connection 1 might have ADDRESS in the DELLTEST schema and connection 2 in the DELL schema. so you would want your connection definition to point to the correct default schema (see connection properties) and you would want to use the sql below.

select * from ADDRESS;