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Using "Loop Connections" option in Automation


I am using “Loops Connections” option in my automation workflow where in i define my connections.

Under “loop connections”, I have define “loop dataset” where in i have defined a query. (SELECT * from ADMIN.TEMPLATE).

Under Activity input table of Loop data set i have defined the connection as “root@localhost” , as I want it to use the connection specified under “Loops Connections

When i execute a workflow i am getting following error.

7/30/2018 10:21:31 AM Connecting to root@localhost
7/30/2018 10:21:31 AM Table ‘admin.template’ doesn’t exist

Table Template exist in DB. Workflow executes fine if i explicitly mention the Database name in the in Loop data set activity. But i want the loop dataset activity to take the database name from Loop connections

Let me know if anyone needs more info to resolve this.


The connections you specify in the Loop Connections activity take precedence over any connection specified in an individual activity. But “loop dataset” does not for TDP4.2&4.3 &5.0. it is a bug, and I have created issue to follow it.


We never coded for this nested support. How many connections do you have in your Loops connections? Hopefully it is a short list so that setting each Loop dataset manually would be a workable solution.