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Lost Property Grid in Report Designer, V2.7.0.348

The field property grid has disappeared, and it is not in my View menu list. How can I get it back? I’ve exited and re-launched Toad, to no avail.


In case you haven’t already got your answer sometimes the window gets undocked and is hard to find again. The easiest solution is probably to force the recreation of the ReportDesigner.xml located under
C:\Documents and Settings<your windows logon id>\Application Data\Quest Software\Toad for Data Analysts 2.7\Layouts.

This xml file stores the location and state of the Report Designer docked window. With Toad closed, rename this file so something like ReportDesigner.xml.bak. When you restart, a new file will be created and the property grid will be visible again.

You might need to search for ReportDesigner.xml if you installed to a non-default location or modify the path to the equivalent Win7 location if not on XP.


Thank you so much - I have the property grid back!!


I’ve met the same problem as yours and got no idea with the disappear of the property grid component. Lucky to see the solution here, I think I know more about this grid now. Seems that I need to dig deeper into some tutorials for property grid.