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Property Grid fields in report design does not appear

Does anyone know why my property grid in report design in some instances is not appearing? The acutal property grid window is displayed however the fields used to change the report data does not appear at all.

Is there a work around for this? This only occurs sometimes after I’ve closed and saved the report.

Someone help!

This particular bug should be fixed in a new beta drop.


TDA remembers the window state. It probably got closed at one point. Go to the View menu and select ‘Property Grid’ and it will display.



Hi Debbie,

Any way around this? I’ve gone to view and selected the property grid however the fields within the grid itself will not appear.

I’ve attached a screen dump to show what I mean.

Any suggestions would be great. This only seems to happen sometimes. Not sure why.
Property Grid Screen Dump.doc (117 KB)

I also have met the similar situation for several times. I’d read a tutorial for property grid, this must be something wrong with the property grid control.