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Missing mysql data source for Toad data modeler connections wizard

I have a mysql database on my local windows 7 machine and I want to reverse engineer using toad data modeler 5.1 . I was able to connect mysql using toad for mysql, but not able to connect using toad data modeler 5.1 . I don’t even able see the mysql listing as shown in the image at link _


I see myql drivers in windows 7 ( control panel > administrative tools > Data sources(ODBC ) , created system dsn, user dsn , successfully tested them there, but can’t see them in toad modeler. Little bit puzzled. Appreciate any leads in creating the connection.

Thank you in advance


please run the installation again and choose database platforms you wish to work with. If you installed Toad Data Modeler from Toad for Oracle Suite, support for Oracle databases was installed by default.

You can also open Control Panel and change the installation from there.

Select Toad Data Modeler from the list of installed applications and click button Change. The installation process should start...

Choose Modify and in next step you will be able to select the database platforms.


Good luck!

Thank you Vaclav for the reply. I unstalled and reinstalled with mysql drivers selected. I even changed the path to c:\program files instead of default c:\programfiles(x86). After couple of tries, now I see mysql and was able to reverser engineer. Thank you for the help

Great, I am glad everything works fine :slight_smile:

Hello Vaclav Frolik,

We have a DAM solution called Imperva SecureSphere.

While we audit the activities of the DBA`s when they connect to MySQL DB, we are unable to see source application and OS user chain.

Any idea on what need to be done on toad for us to be able to see the above mentioned.

Thank you,