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Missing Trial License Key - TDP v5.1.6.206

Hi. I recently downloaded Toad Data Point Version and it is asking for a license key.

I did not receive a License Key during the installation process. Without the key, I'm unable to try out Toad Data Point after the initial run from the Install Wizard.

I have already uninstalled/installed, checked my email folder, and even checked the "Manage License" button top right corner for anything.

How can I resolve this?

Hi Lawrence - Toad Data Point comes with a built-in trial license key so that should have been installed. It does have a built -in limit where you can only run a trial the same version (like 5.1.x) 3 times(that's 3 trial periods of 30 days each) -- so if you have been downloading and using a trial of Toad Data Point 5.1.x for the past few months you may have hit this barrier. However, if you send me a DM with your email I can email you a new trial key and we can see if that gets you up and running.