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Model Description in HTML report


In Model properties, under description section I used to capture the changes applied to the data model.

While generating HTML report, I don’t want to see this “Model Description” section, is there any option to ignore this ? Please advise.

(The reason why I'm trying to hide this "Model Description" section in the HTML report is "Notes or Changes I captured under Description is too big". )

Thank you !

Hi Rajesh,
Easy way should be comment out code for generating Desctiption in TDM system package. I found this code

//=== Model Description ===================================================
  var ModelTitle = Model.ModelTitle;		
  if ( DoResolve(ModelTitle,ModelTitle.Description) != '')
    Document.WriteStyled( 'CAPTION1', Instance.Translator.Translate( 'MODEL_DESCRIPTION' ) );
    Table = Document.CreateTable( false,false );
    Table.CreateCell( 0,0,Instance.TxtToHtml( DoResolve(ModelTitle,ModelTitle.Description) ) );

It is in script BasicHTMLPERReport.

The better, but more compicated way is do some switch to this srcipt. I think it could be connected to Selected OTPs or option on HTML wizard so you can control visibility of description for each report.