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Modify the data profile report output

Is there a way to make minor changes to the data profile report. I’d like to add the column type to each column page so somebody reviewing would know without having to go back to the first table page.

I’ve created QAT-5981 to track this request.

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This is now fixed and will be in the next Beta. 7/13/15

I have a similar request. How did the 2015 fix resolve the ability to customize the report? I’d like to make the report less verbose. Every column requires several pages of metrics and I’d like to modify the layout to be more efficient. Thanks.

The commit of QAT-5981 added data type of the column om the report.

Thanks Debbie. So, for a table that contains 256 attributes, my report was 1200 pages long. Wanted to play around with the report component configure to see if I could make it more manageable.



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On Dec 16, 2016, at 5:26 PM, Debbie Peabody wrote:

RE: Modify the data profile report output

Reply by Debbie Peabody
The commit of QAT-5981 added data type of the column om the report.

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You can control this a bit. You can choose in options of the profile window what types of analysis we perform. You can also exclude profiling specific columns. Pare it down to just what you are most interested in.