Providing full Data Profile report contents

Is there a method to export the full contents of the Data Profile report for an external user? The Profile report has the information I need, but when I export it to PDF, not all the options appear for each column in the Statistics tab, for instance. Is there an export method that will provide all data available?

There is only the one report. When I generate a profiling report i see all data from the stats tab. Can you show what is missing for you? And does this happen for all tables profiled? Or just larger tables?

Yes, it is mostly visible on the larger tables. When I export the report out, the Summary tab has every column mashed together into one block, making it unreadable. Where there is a larger number of values in a column, the statistics columns are only printed on one page, basically ignoring any values that would be visible via a scroll bar. This represents a problem when providing this report for our clients for data analysis.

How many columns in your table when this happens? i need to reproduce here.

The table I am working with has 128 columns. The Data Profile Summary screen displays all the column information with a scroll bar to view all the summary data, for instance. However, when generating the report, the Summary page forces all the data to fit in one block on one page, creating an overlapping block of unintelligible text and colors. I would like to send you an example of the report, but our security will not allow it.

Another instance is the Frequency statistic data box. It, as well, only generates a single box on the report, while the screen option contains a scroll bar to see the entire data set. The report only displays the top set of records that fit within the box on the page. So, for the frequency report of a Last Name column, I can only see the top 20-25 rows, where there should be well over 100. I can see no option or setting to correct this.

I hope this is enough info for you to replicate this.

I tried the report with a couple of table that have 150 columns and could not replicate the issue. Let me have our QA look at this and try to replicate. It would have been best to have a copy of the report. BTW, what version of TDP are you using.

Our QA confirmed the issues you reported for this bug. We have entered QAT-13530 for this issue.