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More Limiting Highlight Snippet?

Toad has a function to highlight snippet using CTRL+H…

So, if I am in an editor window with lots of sql statements, I can hit CTRL+H on the current statement I am on and it will highlight (select) the whole statement (useful to run explain plan)…

I write lots of subqueries… I was wondering if TOAD had a shortcut to select the current sub-query I am on (like anything between the current parenthesis???)… As a simple example, consider this statement:

FROM (SELECT name, date_entered FROM clients);

If I hit CTRL+H, the entire thing is highlighted. What I want is to have my cursor on date_entered for instance and hit a key and it only highlight:

SELECT name, date_entered FROM clients

That way I could execute the subqueries quickly without having to manually select the text of what I want to run.

I know this seems silly, but I am surprised how often TOAD is able to do what I want so thought I may have just missed this at some point…