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MS Access Connection Doesn't Reflect New Table Columns and Data Viewer shows No Data

Hi Everyone,

I’m using Toad Data Point 4.2 and have an Access connection setup to a DB on my network. The connection is successfully setup and I can see the details of the two tables I’m looking in the database (i.e. the column definition and what not); however, when I go to view the data, it doesn’t show anything, it is left all blank. Further, when I open the db in Access natively, there is data in both tables. When I go to add a new column in the DB, save the DB, and then re-open Toad, upon reconnecting the DB, the new column is not there. I’m very perplexed by this. Has anyone seen this before?

I can verify that I am using a 32 bit version of Office 2010, with a 32 bit version of Toad Data Point as well.