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Can't see data records

I just downloaded TAD 3. My simple query runs ok (Statement:4/26/2011 2:52:14 PM 0:00:00.140: Executed Successfully) but I don’t see any data in Results Sets_Set 1. Where are my data?

What type of database are you connected to? Can you post a screenshot. We are not seeing this issue here.


it’s MS SQL Server. Attached file includes two screenshots:

  1. running s simple query from claim table. But Result pane show no records
  2. same query with Message pane that initiates query ran successfully.

Toad3.docx (405 KB)

I can reproduce your issue and entered CR84617 to fix.

I found that this issue only occurs when using the third button on the right to execute. The first two execute buttons do not have this issue.

I was wondering why you are using ODBC to connect to SQL Server? If you use a native connection this issue does not occur. As a work around I would use this type of connection. (The one with the red icon)

I also found that if you use the third button and have the cursor at the end of your script it gives an error stack.