Multiple pivots linked to a single query

Right now in Toad, we have the ability to create a single pivot grid in the results of any query. If we want to create multiple pivots, we can choose to send the results to separate pivot grids, but at this point the pivots become separate objects from the original query. If we make changes to the original query, these changes will not be propagated across the individual pivots. We would like the ability to either have multiple pivots in the query results or to somehow keep the separate pivot grids "linked" to the original query so that when changes are made to the query, the changes will cascade to all the pivots.

R&D, please consider the same proposal for dimensional views.  e.g. that dimensional views linked to a query will also change when the underlying query changes.

Additionally/alternatively, if dimensional views could allow dimensions to be placed as columns in addition to rows (i.e., a crosstab), we could use this to accomplish the same thing as the pivot grid.