Pivot Grid in Data Report Designer

Can anyone help me? I am a new user trialling this Toad for Data Analyst Application.
I currently have problem in displaying pivot result when running the report.
I can see it in the design mode, but when changing it into preview mode the data is not there anymore.

I tried to create it within the detail band.

Thank you.

Do you need to show a Pivot Grid and other items? I thinkt here is a bug wiht pivot grids and Toad Reports.

Instead, send your query/result set straight to a Pivot Grid. This can be exported as PDF or several other formats though the print action.

Hope this helps.


Hi, yes i think there could be a bug with this function.

I will sometimes need to export the result of this pivot into excell spreadsheet. I am just looking at way to improve and automate the current process.


There is also the direct export of data to Excel Pivot table. But if you want to use our automation you will need to use the Toad Pivot Grid and export to distributable format.


How do I directly export data generated from a query to Pivot in excel?
Can I automate this?

Please guide ASAP.

Thank You

There are two ways to do this.

  1. Build a pivot in Excel first. Then in Automation use the export wizard to clear the data area and refresh the data. Set the Excel file to refresh on open.

  2. Build a Toad Pivot Grid. In Automation use the Refresh Pivot grid activity to reload the data. You can export pivot as pdf, excel, etc.