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Naming Conventions: unexpected behaviour (aka "bug"?)


I have defined prefixes for certain elements in the naming convention setup of my model (e.g. pk_ for primary keys, fk_ for foreign keys etc).

However the validator seems to ignore a valid manually entered name for the constraints (in the “caption” field). So if I enter “pk_movie” in the “Caption” field for the constraint (and thus pk_movie in the name field), the naming convention validation will mark this as invalid, expecting the name “pk_pk_movie” instead.

My expectation would have been that the validator not blindly adds the defined prefix to the value, but checks if the value already contains the prefix.

Sometimes it even marks correct names as invalid (see the “pk_movie_character” in the screenshot)




can you send me the model and naming convention file to please? I will look into the matter.

Thank you,


I sent you an email with those files.



thanks for the files. I checked the model and saw there imperfections in suggested or expected physical names. We will into the matter again.

In general, naming conventions allows you to synchronize captions with names. If you want all the primary keys to be names with pk_ prefix, don’t use the same prefix in caption. Caption pk_keyname in combination with defined prefix pk_ will result in suggested name pk_pk_keyname. If you define the caption as keyname, the result will be pk_keyname. Alternatively, if you want the captions be defined with pk_ prefix too, remove the pk_ prefix from naming conventions settings.

Thank you for your feedback,