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New **Introduction to Toad Data Point** Webinar on May 28th

Please join me for a special webcast created for analysts and data professionals who need a cross-platform tool that can easily gather and present data quickly. If you’re caught between trying to get data for business leaders to make informed decisions and discovering how difficult it can be to prepare that data for analysis—attend this webcast to learn more about Toad Data Point.

As a database professional, you’re on the front line to make sure the data is ready and accurate. If your reality involves:

  • Grappling with too many data sources, deciding which ones to use and how to pull the data
  • Juggling too many tools and reconciling multiple data outputs
  • Replacing inefficient manual processes
  • Scaling a data preparation function with limited IT resources

Attend this webcast scheduled May 28, 11 a.m. ET: Conquer Pressing Data Preparation Challenges to Become Data Driven .

I’m the product manager for Toad Data Point and I’ll show you how to conquer common data preparation challenges. Toad Data Point is a self-service data prep approach and hands-down most affordable and effective solution on the market.

Don’t miss this opportunity to move your organization toward becoming data-driven.

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