New webcast on Aug 6, register now: Banish Bad Code with Toad for Oracle Pro and Xpert Editions

Hi fellow coders!

I’m Mat Phan, a systems consultant for Toad at Quest. You’re personally invited to an upcoming webcast I’m hosting:

August 6: “Banish Bad Code with Toad® for Oracle Pro and Xpert Editions”

Battling bad code is a constant – finding it, testing it and optimizing it is never ending. That’s why we’ve created two editions of Toad that make your life a little easier—Toad for Oracle Professional and Toad for Oracle Xpert. If you’re curious about these advanced features, now is you chance to see them in action. In this demo, learn about:

Toad for Oracle Professional:

  • Code Analysis
  • Generate Test Data
  • Sensitive Data Awareness

Toad for Oracle Xpert:

  • SQL Optimization
  • Auto Optimizer
  • Advanced Optimizer

I hope you’ll attend the 30-minute webcast on Thursday, August 6 to learn how these features can help keep your Oracle databases standing 24x7.

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