Toad Oracle Bundling

What is the difference in each Toad for Oracle editions or bundles (Standard or Base, Professional, Xpert, DBA Suite, and Development Suite)? What comes with the editions or bundles?

Here's more details about the differences between these editions...

  • Professional Edition of Toad for Oracle adds these capabilities to what is in the Base Edition:

    • Code Analysis (200+ rules-based engine to ensure code quality

    • Test data generators (to gen real-world looking data)

    • Sensitive Data Awareness

  • Xpert Edition adds to Professional Edition, among other things:

    • The SQL Optimizer product component (smart (AI) algorithms for SQL and index performance tuning)
  • Developer Edition has these product components:

    • Toad Xpert Edition

    • SQL Optimizer

    • Code Tester (for optimal unit testing of your PL/SQL code

    • Benchmark Factory ( to measure/benchmark overall database performance)

    • image

  • DBA Edition has these product components:

    • Toad Xpert Edition

    • Database Admin Module

    • SQL Optimizer

    • Spotlight on Oracle (for problem diagnosis)

    • Benchmark Factory

    • Toad Data Modeler

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Finally, if you need to see a VERY detailed treatment of capability differences by Edition, check out the Toad Functional Comparison Matrix here. Hope this helps you and others.


Thanks Gary. I'll just delete my prior answer now.