No unique constraint name / Attribute in AK "not null" / whenever SQLERROR


i used the search function several times, but didn’t find the specific answers, so i have three questions/problems left:

I use TDM in Version to create a physical model for Oracle 10g.

  1. When generating an ALTER-Script TDM generates a temporary copy of an original table in which the constraint-names are the same. This causes a “unique constraint name violation”, when executing the script (“SQL Error: ORA-02264: name already used by an existing constraint”).
    I found a post in which you refere to CR# 64291 that concerns this problem. I guess this problem is not fixed in my version ( yet?

  2. In one table, i have defined an alternative key. The problem is, that one of the attributes (an end-date) shall be nullable. As i know oracle can handle alternative keys in which an attribute may be null, but in TDM i can’t deactivate the “not null”-checkbox for the attribute. Caused by my ‘old’ version ( again?

(Optional Question: 3. Is it possible to generate a kind of “WHENEVER SQLERROR”-Statement for Oracle?)

If you like, i can send you a snapshot and the TXP-Files it refer to.

Thanks for your help. The answers i read till now were really helpful. Please don’t mind my english. Thanks!


Hello Christian,

The problem is that you use version 3.1.7. Since this version, pretty many things have been resolved and enhanced. For example, now there is a new Sync&Convert Wizard for alter script generation.
Can you update your TDM?
Latest version 3.4.15 is available at:

Also, you can download the latest Beta and check out if the problems occur there.

Please let us know if you need any help.



Hello Vladka,

thanks for your reply. I will try to get the latest (stable or alternatively beta)version and make a try. I will let you now if it worked.
Best regards,


finally it worked with Version 3.4.15.
Thank you very much!