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Unique keys and NOT NULL


Hello TDM Community,

I have another issue with keys in a table. Let us asume I have table A in a database. That table got a key already, the primary key. Now I want to add another key to table A, it is a unique column. When I look to the sql code, it will create a unique constraint and thats what I want a unique constraint, not a unique index. But why this key got the property NOT NULL be default and why I cannotchange that ? (maybe it is possible but cannot see how).



I have the same problem. The UNIQUE contraint (at least in Oracle) allow the presence of nullable columns.
With TDM this seems to be not allowed (I should define an unique index instead)

Sergio Sette



in version 3.6 there will be a new option in settings. Click Settings | Options and in section Model - Physical Model you can find check box Allow Null Attributes in Keys.

Version 3.6 will be available very, very soon. :slight_smile: Now you can test this feature in the current BETA version.




Hello Vaclav,

thanks for the info, not sure if I can download the new version. So in any version before 3.6 you wont be able to make keys nullable ?



Hi Ilja,

yes, in versions older than 3.6 you cannot make keys nullable. Version 3.6 is now available!




we are in the middle of a project, I will update it, when the project ist done.but nice news 3.6 is ready, congratulations…