Not able to see macros


I am using the new version of TDA ( and I am trying to execute a macro after a file export, it loads the screen to display the macros but it is empty.

The macro is definitely in the file I am exporting to, it currently sits in Module1 but I have tried putting it into the worksheet and sheet1 but still I can get no macros to display. I have turned the macro security to Low but nothing shows, I have also played around with Private or non-private subs.

I am using Excel 2002 (XP) is this the problem or do I have to activate it within TDA somewhere?

Please help!

Thank you

This can happen when the Office PIAs are not installed for your version of Office. You can grab the Office XP PIAs from:

Thanks Michael, I thought I had already installed those but clearly not, this has done the trick.