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Object Explorer with EDB Packages Double-click Problem


I’ve been a Toad for Oracle user for years. We’ve recently started migrating from Oracle to EDB Postgres and I was ecstatic find out that that Toad Edge 2.0 supported EDB Postgres. My excitement has waned quite a bit, however, as I’m finding out that Toad Edge does not handle Packages (amongst other things) the same way for Toad for Oracle does.

The Object Explorer lets me expand Packages and view the list of functions and procedures. Double-clicking on a package name opens the package as a new tab. This is where the similarities between Toad for Oracle and Toad Edge end as double-clicking on a function name or procedure name does not take me to the actual procedure or function body! What’s the point of being able to see a function list if clicking on a function/procedure name doesn’t take me there?!


Hi, unfortunately this functionality is not implemented yet. We will add it in the one of future releases (2.0.4+). We will let you know about the progress.

Miroslav Stanik


Confirmed… this is fixed in Toad Edge 2.0.5… thanks.


Thanks for confirmation