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"on update no action" SQL not being generated by Toad


Hi All,

I’m having an issue when generating an SQL schema in Toad. In the “Relationship” menu, under the “Referential Integrity” tab, I’ve selected the value “Set NULL” (previously ‘Restrict’) for the Parent - Delete option. I can save this, and the change will be remembered when I open up the model on subsequent launches of Toad. However, when I regenerate the corresponding SQL, there aren’t any changes made for this new constraint.

Any ideas as to what’s going on? Why the changes made to the toad model aren’t being reflected in the generated SQL? I can of course make this change by hand, but on subsequent SQL regens, my change will be wiped out.

Product Name: Toad Data Modeler
File version:
Template version: 2.29



Hi Chris,

Please make sure you open the latest generated SQL file. It should work properly.

I created a new model for MS SQL 2005, added two entities to it, added one PK attribute and created relationship. Then I edited the relationship, changed settings on tab Referential Integrity and when I clicked the DDL tab, I saw modified SQL immeditately. I also tried to generate SQL code and the result was OK.

BTW: Toad Data Modeler 3 with many significant improvements is available. Please feel free to download freeware version from