One to many database comparison with dynamic script generation

Hi, so we're trying to compare a single database to all databases that are available to us. While testing ,I found that it is only possible to declare a master database (the source) and update every other database based on the changes to the source.

I need to compare my source database to every other database, but it has to be possible to choose what script to generate.

Eg. Table A doesn't exist on database 1 but it does exist on database 2.
Database 1 is my source database, so I can only generate a delete script for database 2.
Is there no way to generate a create script without swapping the source and target database before comparing?

Thank you for your help in advance.

Welcome to the Toad for SQL Server forum.

The typical and most frequent use case for a sync is of the one-way variety... e.g. to make target look like source, especially in the scenario you've mentioned where you have one source (database/schema) and multiple targets.

However, Toad's Schema Compare should allow you to see the CREATE script for any objects on the target that aren't on source. Use the filter pane. See snap, and hope this helps.

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