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Looking how to compare 2 sql express db and create from the dif a script file



im new to Toad,

im looking if and how i can comapre to sql 2008 express dbs and from the diff automaticly create an sql script.

and wanted to know if it would be possible to do so through CLI insted of gui interface ?




Hi odedma,

Seems like you need to try Schema Compare feature of Toad.

It will allow you to setup comparison of your two (or even more) databases at one step. Then you can review the results and choose the objects you want to synch, you will get the script once you have chosen the objects. Finally you can automate it by sending your comparison project into Automation feature of Toad. This feature will allow you to do the compare as per schedule and send PDF report with comparison results directly to your inbox.

Hope it helps.

P.S.: what version of Toad you are playing with right now?