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ORA-01031 occurs when logging in with Toad 11.6

I am having an issue when I attempt to login via Toad(version 11.6) using the system account, to a newly created 12c database. When I enter my credentials and attempt to connect, I receive the error ORA-01031: insufficient privileges. When I click ok, it still seems to log me on to the database, but I receive the error anytime that I try to browse within Schema browser. It doesn’t seem to affect my ability to execute queries in Toad as I’ve yet to get the error this way.

This only happens when I am using Toad and using this account. I can connect using this Toad client while using the sys account without any issue.

I am able to connect using the system account without error using other methods on the same machine: SQL Developer, SQLPlus, and also Toad version 10 through a citrix app. All of these methods allow me to connect and browse the database without any type of error. So I know that there isn’t a connection issue between my machine and the database, but it seems maybe related to this version of Toad.