Toad : Connecting to Oracle database gives ora-01031 Insuficient priviliges .


I am using Toad

When connecting to Oracle database with a regular user I get ora-01031 Insuficient priviliges . After this The connection works ok.

When connecting to Oracle database with the same regular user it is OK.

Both have all privileges to connect and resource.

Can you help?

Oracle changed some things in the data dictionary that are causing this. Specifically, the table SYS.USER$ is no longer included in the SELECT ANY DICTIONARY system privilege. So what’s happening is that Toad is detecting that you have SELECT ANY DICTIONARY, and assuming that because of that, you can select from the SYS.USER$ table.

If you can grant SYS.USER$ to the user that you are logging in as, the problem will go away. Another solution would be to upgrade to the current version of Toad.

Good answer!