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Oracle Parameters - typing underscore "_" (such as "db_") filters out everything - blank list

Even typing db_f doesn’t help, still empty list. Is that intended?

Also, when I log in as SYS and select the “Include undocumented parameters” option, I get

Error: ORA-01790: expression must have same datatype as corresponding expression

Here’s the query Toad generates:

select i.instance_name instance,, p.value value,
decode(p.isDefault, ‘TRUE’, ‘YES’, ‘FALSE’, ‘NO’) “DEFAULT”, p.description,
decode(p.isses_modifiable, ‘IMMEDIATE’, ‘YES’, ‘FALSE’, ‘NO’, ‘DEFERRED’, ‘NO’, ‘YES’) ses_modifiable,
decode(p.issys_modifiable, ‘IMMEDIATE’, ‘YES’, ‘FALSE’, ‘NO’, ‘DEFERRED’, ‘YES’, ‘YES’) sys_modifiable,
decode(p.issys_modifiable, ‘DEFERRED’, ‘TRUE’, ‘FALSE’) issys_modifiable,
‘NO’ as plug_modifiable,
from gv$parameter p, gv$instance i
where not like ‘nls%’
and i.inst_id = 1
and i.inst_id = p.inst_id
union all
select nam.inst_id instance,
nam.ksppinm name,
val.ksppstvl value,
val.ksppstdf “DEFAULT”,
nam.ksppdesc description,
decode(bitand(nam.ksppiflg/256,1), 1,‘YES’, ‘NO’) ses_modifiable,
decode(bitand(nam.ksppiflg/65536,3), 1,‘YES’, 2,‘YES’ , 3,‘YES’, ‘NO’) sys_modifiable,
decode(bitand(nam.ksppiflg/65536,3), 2,‘TRUE’, ‘FALSE’) issys_modifiable,
‘NO’ as plug_modifiable,
val.ksppstcmnt update_comment
from x$ksppi nam, x$ksppsv val
where nam.indx = val.indx
and nam.inst_id = 1
and not exists (select null from v$parameter p where p.num-1 = nam.indx)
order by 2, 1

no that wasn’t intended. I’ll take a look at it. For now, as a workaround, you can see things that start with db_f by typing in db%f%

I’ll take a look at the query too.

The filter is fixed for next beta.

When I logged in as SYS and checked that box and then hit refresh, I didn’t get any error. What database version were you using?

Query will be fixed in then next beta. Looks like it was only broken for RAC.