Oracle Partition info tab?

Hey guys,

Is there a way to add Partition and Sub Partition tabs to the Table Viewer?

ie: if I do “View Details” on a table in the Object Explorer I get the table viewer windows which is cool. However its lacking a few tabs (primarily interested in the partition info) compared to, say, the Toad for Oracle product.

Sounds like something we could do. I entered QAT-3166. It is too late to include in TDP 3.6. Let’s what we can do for TDP 3.7.

Thanks Debbie. At least it wasnt something I have missed this time - its just not there.

If you need more justification - from a “Data Point” perspective for a data analyst, it is always important to know the partition strategy employed on a table to be able to write efficient queries. The Object Explorer actually has an icon showing whether the table is partitioned or not - you just cant easily see the details on any tab.

Thanks for putting this in the dev queue. Much appreciated!