Oracle probe warning

Toad 13.3 x64
In redol Log Files grup, there is one yellow triangle (beeside %Active:).
When I open it I got info:
The current Online Redo Log Group has a size that is disproportionately larger than normal. While this is permitable, it is nonetheless unusual. All the Online Redo Log Group and Member files should be the same size. It makes redo log tuning and troubleshooting easier when all the redo log group and member file sizes are the same.

when I execute query:

select group#, thread#, bytes from v$log order by 1,2;

     1          1 1073741824
     2          1 1073741824
     3          1 1073741824
     4          1 1073741824
     5          1 1073741824
     6          1 1073741824
1GB redo is more than normal size and I saw even several times bigger values. What is wrong here that I have warning?

I think it is just saying that your redo log files are not very active so you don't need that many files, but but here is how you can disable or configure it if you disagree.

Hi John,
In this particular database we have hours with 12-15 log switches. and in most of then is less than 4, but those most critical hours are covered properly and this is all that matters, right?
So it is far from fact that size is not proper either number of groups are too big.
Maybe you should rethink to modify this warning in a way to look a little wider.
Hope this helps,
If you want I can send you privatelly those numbers which I am talking about.