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Original Sql error



I’m new to Optimizer forums, so please forgive me if I´m asking already answered questions…

Trial Version
Oracle 10.2.0

I have a pretty big SQL code (a view) who performs badly… This code compiles and run without problems…

I paste it into the SQL Text panel and run the Rewrite and Index function. The results were 244 alternatives… So far, so good… The problem begins with the batch run process… Most of the alternatives passed, but the original code don´t, so no Resolution Summary can be generated until de original sql statement is executed… The error is:
ORA-00936: missing expression ORA-06512: at line 1291, but my code has only 450 lines (yes, there are functions).

Anybody knows how to debug and fix this problem?




Hi Daniel,

The problem you have reported sounds like a problem we have recently fixed in the latest patch 7.5.2. Without seeing your original SQL, I cannot confirm if this is the same problem. However, you may easily check if your original SQL has line comments in it (i.e. “-- comment”). If there is line comment in your SQL, then it would be the problem fixed in version 7.5.2. You may either remove the line comments in your SQL to try again or you may upgrade to the latest version to try again.

I hope this will resolve your issue. If not, please send me your original SQL and I will then check for you again. To help further understanding the problem, I would appreciate you do a SQL Monitor trace to send back if you have SQL Monitor installed.



Yes! I can confirm you that it was the problem… I removed all the comments and the product worked like a charm!!!

Kind regards…



Hi Daniel,

Thank you for confirming.

Again, please note that version 7.5.2 has this problem fixed so if you upgraded to the latest version you don’t have to manually remove the line comments. Also, version 7.5.2 has the settings migration feature added. When you run it for the first time after installed, it will migrate your previous settings and data files to use so making the upgrade much easier.