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Parenthesis preventing code completion 6.2


I noticed that if I have a query like this is SQL Nav 6.2 the code completion doesn’t work in the Select part of the query if it’s something like this:

select sum(e.sal)
from emp e

But it does work for:

select e.sal
from emp e

Apologies if this has been noted previously.



Hi Tim,

It works ok for me. Was it an alias of a table or a synonym of a table? It might make a difference.



I tried with both a synonym and table and I get the same result where it doesn’t work.

I did discover if I close the parenthesis first and then backspace it works.

So this is okay:

select sum(e. )
from emp e

Not so much okay:
select sum(e.
from emp e

Can you try it the second way without closing the parens to see if you can replicate?


Yup, I can replicate this case and it’s a known issue. Please use the closing bracket as a work-around for now.