Code completion for functions on left table

I am working in TDP 4.3, joining two tables and including aggregate functions in the select list. As I start typing the query, the code completion works fine - I type FROM, then the schemas pop up (I have schemas other than dbo), then I type “.” and the table list comes up. The code completion also works fine on the join, suggesting join columns as I would expect. As I add column names, the columns also come up in the code completion in the order of may tables, as expected. However, when I start typing “sum(” the code completion list only comes up for the right table. I tried typing in the alias for the left table, followed by “.” which normally triggers the code completion, but I get nothing. If I enclose the sum function and put a space after the alias, then enter “.” it works. In TDP 3.7, I can just start typing “SUM ([alias].” and all columns come up in the list. Can someone check and see if they can replicate with a SQL Server 2016 connection?

Thanks for bringing it up, I tried in TDP 4.3, Code Completion sum does not work well in SQL server platform. I created a JIRA task QAT-13029 to be fixed