[pg] RE of single schema

Hello again after half a year.

I have DB which contains about 15 schemas, each with a lot of tables (up to 200) with triggers, functions etc.

In this DB I have also 2 small schemas which I want to RE

  • first with a 4 tables and also other objects like functions
  • second only with functions

And now questons/issues:

  1. How can I RE second one without doing RE for whole DB?
  2. RE process for single schema with checked option ‘reverse only objects for schemas of selected tables’ takes ages. Ok… maybe not ages but about 5-10 min for thouse 4 tables and 20 SPs in its schema. Looks like whole DB is scanned during RE.

Edit: I can see that all functions has been imported. It;s not good idea. Additionaly functions should be also organized in schemas

I tried it with TDM (beta)

best regards

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Hi Michal,

we plan to improve both Reverse engineering as well as Live RE - this feature allows you to connect to your database and use drag and drop to add selected objects from db to your model, but now you can add only tables/views/synonyms to your model. Other objects are supported only if you import DDL file instead of loading data from physically existing database. For more information please see our help file, section Model | Physical Data Model | Reverse Engineering | Live Reverse Engineering.

Next major release (after 3.6) should contain such improvements. Today you have to wait 5-10 mins to get the task completed.