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Pivot row area date format

In TDP 5.0 when I insert a date field into the pivot row area and format the date as mm/dd/yyyy, the month displays correctly but the day is always '1' and the year is always '2000'.

I agree. that is not correct. It looks like it is trying to roll up by month but not grouping it. I have entered QAT-14756 for this.

Do you have an estimated date for when QAT-14756 will be corrected?

it is not scheduled yet. let me talk with the person who schedules this.

Any updates on when this might be scheduled? This issue is causing problems in any pivot where we have a date field in the row or column areas.

It will be fixed in TDP 5.0.6.
Here is what it looked like for me when you brought this up.

here is what is looks like in 5.0.6.

And here are your options on dates on how to roll them up.

TDP 5.0.6 will be out est July 8th

I've been using the Group By option to format dates and that works pretty well. In Pivot is it possible to format dates as MM/dd/yyyy, e.g., 06/05/2019 instead of 6/5/2019 ?

Hi Steve,
this is based on your regional settings and Short Date there. Try setting it here:

Thanks--that works.

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The original issue is not fixed in TDP