Please help! Cross Connection Query Set Up


I am using Toad for Oracle Base (Version Is it possible to do a cross connection query in this software? I am having the most difficult time trying to figure it out. Other forums list selected the ‘cross connection query’ option in the query builder, but this does not appear in my version. Instead, the query builder only has an option to select the connection.

I was able to build a query in the query builder with tables from both connections, but when I run it an error pops up about the second table not existing. If I switch connections, then the error goes to the first table not existing. Thus, I do not think Toad is recognizing the cross connection query correctly.

Is there an option to enable this? If not, is there some valid syntax for me to reference the connections? I am not sure where a navigation manager is in my version either, since the version is somewhat older.

Please help if you can!

Toad Data Point - not Toad for Oracle - offers the ability to simply do cross database joins. You could in Toad for Oracle use a database link in your query to joins across databases, but the database link must be manually created and live. Then you just prefix/suffix your table reference with everything required to access the db link. You also can create a view to encapsulate the db link to make life easier. But these are all Oracle tricks and techniques. There’s really nothing Toad specific here. Hope this helps.