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Can't Find Cross Connection Query Builder/Editor

I'm new to Toad Data Point and SQL. I am trying to do a cross connection query and all of my research has pointed me towards a cross connection query builder. They point me towards the tools menu > Query Builder > Cross Connection Query Builder. Unfortunately, I don't have that option available. I only see Query Builder.

I have Toad Data Point 5.07.106 (64-bit) and the two databases I need to connect to are Microsoft SQL Server DBs.

What am I missing?

Also, while I'm at it and since I'm new, I might as well explain what I'm trying to accomplish in case I'm way off target here. Database A (We'll call it) is production database. Database B has temp table I use to upload a list of unique identifiers. I need to see if these unique identifiers appear in Database A and if so bring back some of the columns. Databases are on different servers.

Sounds like you have only the Base edition. Toad Data Point Professional Edition is the one that contains the cross-connection capabilities, plus lots more. That edition will definitely do what you describe. Do you have a Pro key? Or call your Quest Account Manager to get upgraded to Pro.

The professional edition is what I have even though when I go to about it doesn't specifically say that. Would it say that? Perhaps my company installed the incorrect version.

No. You're correct. On the top right there was a link named "Licensing." After clicking that it said I had the base edition. I'll get with my IT to get the proper version installed.


Follow up question... Do I still have the ability to do cross connection queries? Is the base edition limiting me only on the cross connection query builder or cross connections in general?

No cross query or cross-platform export/import is available in the base all comes with Pro...get with your Quest account manager and ask to schedule me or one of my colleagues to give you and your team a demo of the Pro features.

I submitted a request for the pro with my company's IT team but they gave me the base edition and did not provide the license key for the professional edition. They ended up resubmitting so I should be good.