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Plsql package parse causes stutter in editor


I have recently upgraded to TOAD 11.5 and am experiencing stuttering when editing plsql packages. It seems to happen with packages loaded from file or from the DB.

When editing a modest sized package loaded from file everytime I pause typing the package seems to be parsed causing the editor window to be unresponsive for a moment. The navigator window is open and I can see the scroll bar grow then shrink as though the contents of it are emptied and then re-added.

The package is 6500 lines long so not that big. When I try it with a bigger package the pause is more pronounced.

Is this expected behaviour or is there something wrong? Is there a setting I can switch to prevent the constant reparsing as the stuttering makes using the plsql editor extremely frustrating.

I am using a quad core Win7 pc with 4GB ram.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Paul Schweiger