Editor freeze and eat up memory when I try to load a package

I’ve got a serious problem in the current beta, I was unable to load one of my package (and only that one) into the Editor. I tried to load from database and also drag and drop from a file, but the result was the same: CPU usage was constant 25%, and Memory usage went up to 1,5 GB. Then I killed the process. I can to load the package successfully in 12.7GA.

Michael, I will send you the package offline, would you check it, please?

Thank you.


Will do, thanks,

Looks like there’s a bug with a recent update of the parser DLL or my usage of it. As a workaround you can 1) close the beta and 2) copy QP5.dll from the 12.7 installation folder into the beta folder. Toad should function just fine.



Nice catch, Tamas. The parser chokes on the heavily nested REPLACEs around line 850. We’ll fix that asp. (QP-1157)



FIxed. Should reach you next week or not much later.

The fix is applied for next beta which should be later today.