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PLSQL Profile of an anonymous block in the SE?


This is my scenario, I’m running an anonymous block in the SE and its completing successfully but it’s taking some time, so I decide I want to run the PLSQL Profiler against it, so I click the Toggle PL/SQL Profiling button on the SE toolbar and execute my block of code again. But no profiler data is stored, the Profiling hasn’t actually been done.

I can run my code from the SB Packages tab and hit the Execute button, the Set Parameters window opens and I can turn on the Profiler from there (I can even select a random package and paste my anonymous block into it).

So, can the Set Parameters window be initiated direct from the SE on a highlighted block of code so I can Profile it really easily? My Exeute lightning bolt is disabled which may be my issue - how does that get enabled/disbaled?

Also, in the Profiler Analysis window, can I hide all other runs apart from the one I’m on so that I can sort by all the column headings etc so that they don’t all get mixed up?